Wednesday, 22 July 2009


An interesting time at Buddhafield, hard work with heavy rain every day and lots of mud. Found an almost new pair of thermal wellys in a hedge the day before arriving, true confirmation that the universe provides. Gave them away when I left to a guy who was planning to spend the winter on the top of Exmoor, felt good to pass on the good fortune.

Had planned to post a load of pics from the festival but due to the weather hardly got my camera out, I've got a few pics but currently on a decrepid computer which seems to take an age to work so will post soon.

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Anonymous said...

I too had a similar Buddhafield exchange. We arrived without our bedding. A kind festival go-er lent us a spare sleeping bag. We looked for him on Sunday to return it, but he had already left. "You don't need a sleeping bag, do you?" I asked his ex-tent's neighbour. It turned out he too had come without bedding and was most grateful. It is clearly a magic sleeping bag and may it continue on its journey, giving night-warmth to those that need it.